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Our Mission and What We Offer

While everybody understands the many benefits of regular exercise, not everybody knows the most effective ways to get the results they’re after. Even fewer people have the personal motivation to continue challenging themselves in the gym by setting new goals. This is where the experts come in.

Anybody that has experienced the infectious enthusiasm that a personal trainer brings to the gym, not to mention the undeniable results of a custom tailored exercise routine, has a special respect for qualified fitness experts. This is where PersonalTrainerEDU.org comes in.

PersonalTrainerEDU.org was created as a way to show respect to fitness professionals by providing them with a dedicated, comprehensive resource on the education and certification preferences of employers around the country.

The family of fitness enthusiasts here at PersonalTrainerEDU.org feels a kinship with our larger community of aspiring and practicing personal trainers and other fitness specialists. Finding that there were few dedicated resources out there with information on how to get the right kind of education, we decided to come together to develop a tailor made resource.

In addition to providing state-by-state guides that detail what top gyms, studios and fitness centers in each state are looking for from the personal trainers they hire, PersonalTrainerEDU.org also provides the latest info on earnings in each state, specialized certification and career options, relevant fields of study, and the latest trends in personal fitness.

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