What is the Barre Method?

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The barre method trend is just getting started, and for individuals looking for a fantastic, all-over body workout that also satisfies their inner ballerina, there’s nothing better. That’s good news for you, the personal trainer with a passion for the barre.

So, what exactly is the barre method?

It’s a combination of ballet, yoga, and Pilates, all wrapped up in a combination of postures designed to challenge the body and calm the mind.

The concept of barre training is simple: you hold a pose and contract a specific set of muscles (called isometric training) while using the ballet barre for support. A barre workout may also include handheld weights and mats for targeted core work. For many, the barre workout is an effective, well-rounded exercise program. It has become an ideal exercise program for nearly every age and every fitness level.

Although a barre workout varies depending on the studio and the instructor, your typical personal training barre session will include a planned sequence of exercises that cover all of the major muscle groups. While most of the upper body exercises will involve the use of free weights and body-weight exercises like planks and pushups, the lower body exercises will be focused mainly on barre work.

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You will likely employ a variety of ballet-inspired positions, such as first, second, third, fourth and fifth foot position, plié, pique, relevé, grand plié, and arabesque.

A well-rounded barre workout will include exercises on the mat, as well as a series of cool down stretches.

Benefits of the Barre Workout

The barre method is ideal for your clients of nearly any fitness level, as you can change up the intensity of the workout to accommodate your clients’ abilities. In addition to one heck of a good toning workout, the barre method offers up a host of additional benefits, including increased flexibility and balance and reduced stress.

Many pregnant women also enjoy a barre workout, as the barre itself lends support when dealing with stability and balance issues caused by a growing belly. And because the barre workout is low impact, women in nearly every stage of pregnancy can benefit from the workout.

Other benefits of the barre include:

  • The barre workout combines resistance training, flexibility training, and cardio training.
  • The barre workout lengthens and tones the muscles, creating a long, lean appearance.
  • The barre workout burns calories and supports weight loss.
  • Similar to yoga and Pilates, the barre method relaxes the body and relieves stress.
  • There are many types of barre workouts, ranging from yoga-inspired workouts to more athletic, interval-based workouts.

How to Become a Personal Trainer with a Focus on Barre Training

To become a fitness expert in barre training, you may consider an education in personal training, which is generally accomplished through an associate or bachelor degree in personal training or a related program, such as exercise science, exercise physiology, or fitness and health promotion.

A program in personal training emphasizes the primary disciplines of anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise physiology. Major courses in a personal training program include:

  • Introduction to exercise science
  • Personal fitness
  • Structural kinesiology
  • Fitness management
  • Fitness testing and interpretation
  • Exercise leadership and program design

Professional certification is also a typical pursuit among personal trainers, and many of today’s employers now demand some type of nationally accredited certification.

Certification specific to the barre method will allow you to begin marketing yourself as a barre fitness expert. A number of organizations now offer barre certification:

  • Bar Fitness, Ballet Barre Teacher Training and Certification
  • Total Barre, Certified Instructor Training
  • Barre Forte, Certified Barre Instructor
  • Barre Body, Barre Body Teacher Trainer Certification

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