Staten Island Personal Trainer Brings Back Old School Calisthenics

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In a time where new fitness trends change as often as gas prices, one personal trainer is bringing back an oldie but a goody: calisthenics. That’s right, Mike Marchese of MRG Fitness in Staten Island, New York is going old school and back to the day of good old fashioned calisthenics as part of his fitness center’s work out routines.

Marchese has 14 years of fitness experience and teaches a wide variety of fitness techniques, but he is quickly gaining notoriety for his use of calisthenics in his fitness training. He is a member of the World Calisthenic Organization (WCO) and is a certified WCO StreetSport Master Instructor.

In addition to his work at MRG Fitness, Marchese has taken his instruction of calisthenics methodology and strength & conditioning international. The hard-working personal trainer also spends time teaching personal trainers on the East Coast to get them ready for certification.

He believes that the basic calisthenics movements are a necessity before moving on to more versatile fitness moves. Lunges, push-ups, planks and pull-ups are all fundamental in gaining the flexibility and core strength needed to move to other forms of fitness training.

Marchese was recently named the Best Personal Trainer of 2015 winner in Staten Island and while he appreciates the honor he says, “Accolades from my community has always meant the most to me.”

Other forms of fitness techniques that Marchese enjoys include circuit training and gymnastic movements. “I find they build great fundamental strength,” he said.

He teaches the mind as well as the body saying that only self-motivation can lead to obtaining fitness goals. He asks clients to compete with themselves, not other people and structures workouts individually.

Marchese was also named’s Trainer of the Month in 2014 and has previously competed in the Battle of the Bars freestyle calisthenics tournament.