The Top 5 Apps for Growing Your Personal Training Business

Written by Rebecca Turley

You’re up on the latest fitness trends, excited, motivated, and ready to offer your clients the best in personal training.

Chances are your mobile device is nearby already, serving as a line of communication with your clients, whether you’re scheduling a private training session via email, updating your Facebook page, or uploading a pic of the newest piece of fitness equipment to Snapchat.

So, why are you still juggling paper files for your clients? There is a plethora of personal trainer apps that are so fun and easy to use that your paper files will soon become a distant memory.

Grab your phone or tablet and check out these apps that are sure to help you attract new clients, keep your current clients happy, and take your personal training business to the next level:

  1. The Training Notebook (iOS – iPad only)

    Cost: $14.99

    Why we love it: Great all-around app for tracking client progress

    If you’re looking for a comprehensive app, The Training Notebook should be on your short list. It’s easy to keep track of your clients’ fitness programs, schedules, assessments, and contact information with this app. Enter your clients’ readings and let the app complete a body assessment or take a before and after pic to show your client their awesome progress. It’s all here.

    We love the clear and easy-to-use interface that makes navigating the app’s features super easy, along with the interval timer for your personal training sessions and the pre-made training program templates that’ll get you going in no time flat.

  1. FitSW (iOS)

    Cost: About $6 per month (for up to 90 clients)

    Why we love it: Fosters great client communication

    FitSW is a great app for connecting with and staying in touch with your clients. Your clients can keep you in the loop when they’re not with you by entering their workouts and diet, so your client relationships stay strong. And you can send them updates and new workouts to keep them motivated.

    We also love the affordable monthly price tag, which incudes 1,500 online workouts to choose from, a convenient schedule management feature, and the ability to create your own personalized fitness blog and web page.

  1. Coach Pro (iOS)

    Price: $9.99

    Why we love it: Helps keep your business running smoothly

    Coach Pro is a great app for managing your business. While it doesn’t keep track of your clients, it does provide you with everything you need to keep your business organized. Store your clients’ information, keep track of your training sessions, manage your billing, and update client progress through personal notes. We love the voice dictation feature that allows you to record notes while you’re on the go.

  1. My Best Studio (iOS)

    Price: $55 per month

    Why we love it: Provides real-time revenue stats for a multiple-trainer business

    My Best Studio is studio management software that requires you to first buy the software ( to unlock the app and all its goodies. This software and related app are great for fitness centers with multiple personal trainers. We love this app because once you purchase the software, the app is personalized for you, allowing to enter class times (that can then appear on your website), add new clients, check-in existing clients, process payments, and keep track of your fitness center numbers.

    This app is particularly useful for allowing you to examine your revenue stream, study how your income changes over time, and identify which parts of your business are earning more. For example, if you have multiple trainers, you can quickly view how much revenue they are bringing in and when.

  1. GAIN Trainer (iOS)

    Price: Ranges from $10 per month for 2 clients to $70 per month for 20+ clients

    Why we love it: Attracts tech-savvy clients

    If you’re interested in expanding your client base to attract your tech-savvy clients, GAIN Trainer is the app for you. Manage your clients’ workout schedules and keep them on track by providing them with workout reports and progress feeds via their client dashboard.

    We also love this app for its huge library of more than 1,600 exercises that cover nearly every modality, from free weight training to cardio to Pilates and more. This user-friendly app allows you to set up each client’s program and then track their progress, either in the studio or remotely.