Personal Trainer Salaries in Delaware

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Delaware’s generally mild climate offers numerous activities for those who enjoy physical activity. These range from walking, jogging, and cycling at places like historic Bellevue State Park to swimming and parasailing at Delaware’s beaches. On the rare occasions when it snows in Delaware, cross-country skiing is a popular pastime.

You can earn a good living taking care of the fitness needs of Delaware’s residents.

As a personal trainer, you can keep Delaware’s fitness aficionados in shape, so they can continue to enjoy their favorite activities. Other potential clients are office workers who want to stay in shape despite their sedentary jobs.

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Salaries for Personal Trainers in Delaware

If you are just starting as a physical trainer, Delaware is a good state to work in. The average salary for entry-level physical trainers was 8.9% more than the national average reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2013.

The Delaware Department of Labor reported the salaries for personal trainers in the state:

Annual Salary

In addition to traditional fitness chains like Planet Fitness, Delaware offers you some trendsetting places to work. Trampolining is a new craze in Delaware. In addition to the two existing parks, SkyZone Newark recently opened up and offers fitness classes such as SkyFit.

Famed fitness instructor Zina DiTonno trains her students to hang by their feet from fabric hammocks at the Hockessin Aerial Fun & Fitness Studio. Downstate Delaware offers similar sky-dwelling at Kaya Wellness in Rehoboth.

Personal Trainer Salaries in Wilmington and Sussex County

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics compares the salaries of personal trainers who worked in Wilmington and Sussex County in 2013. While the average salaries were fairly similar in these two areas, experienced personal trainers earned 10% more when they were located in Sussex County:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Wilmington DE-MD-NJ Metropolitan Division
Estimate not released
Sussex County Delaware nonmetropolitan area