Personal Trainer Salaries in New Mexico

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You thrive on staying active and a career as a fitness trainer appeals to you; however, you’re wondering if fitness trainers make decent money in New Mexico. No worries. Good personal trainers in New Mexico can earn average salaries over $40,000 working for high-end gyms or fitness centers. Many also work as personal trainers for individual clients, thereby substantially increasing their incomes.

You’ll need a likeable, people-oriented personality but that isn’t enough. In order to be highly successful and earn the big bucks you’ll need to get the best training and education possible. Those with the greatest chances for advancement and high incomes have a bachelor’s degree in a field like physical education, kinesiology or exercise science. Education is the key to more $$$ and a secure future.

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A Look at Fitness Trainer Salaries in New Mexico

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) national survey there were 1,230 actively employed fitness trainers in New Mexico during 2013. Experienced, well educated trainers earned an hourly wage roughly three times the lowest “newbie” wage. The BLS table of fitness trainer salaries in New Mexico follows:

Annual Salary
Mean (Average)
75th Percentile
90th Percentile

The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions 2014 occupational wage survey reports fitness trainer annual salaries statewide as:

  • Entry-Level – $18,220
  • Mean – $32,240
  • Experienced – $39,250
  • 75th Percentile – $41,050

A Look at Fitness Trainer Salaries in Key Areas of New Mexico

Salaries generally tend to vary with location. You’ll find that this is truer in New Mexico than most states, especially when it comes to the city of Santa Fe. As you know, the nation’s oldest capital city is one of the most popular tourist spots in the US. The plethora of art galleries, museums and archaeological sites means dozens of resorts and high-end hotels, most of which feature fitness centers as an amenity.

Consequently, top-notch fitness trainers can earn over $80,000/year (BLS) in Santa Fe, a figure that is roughly $30,000 more than the highest salary in other New Mexico cities and over $15,000 more than the highest national salary for this occupation!

The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions 2014 survey reports the following fitness trainer annual salaries in different New Mexico cities:

New Mexico Area
Las Cruces
Santa Fe

The following table shows the 2013 BLS salaries for fitness trainers in key areas of New Mexico:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Albuquerque NM
Farmington NM
Estimate not released
Las Cruces NM
Estimate not released
Santa Fe NM
Eastern New Mexico nonmetropolitan area