Personal Trainer Salaries in South Dakota

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South Dakota is committed to transforming its population into a healthy, vibrant, and more active community. In fact, the South Dakota Department of Health has announced that one of its chief goals is to raise the percentage of adults that meet the recommended amount of physical activity from 46.1% to 55% by 2020. By becoming a personal trainer here, you will help make this goal a reality while earning a respectable salary.

While developing your personal training career in South Dakota, it is important to remember that your monetary success often depends on the way you conduct business. High salaries are often common among personal trainers that build a solid rapport with their client base. Therefore, if you have the technical expertise that can inspire clients to reach intended results, you will likely achieve high-end salaries in South Dakota.

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Personal Trainer Salaries in South Dakota

According to the United States Department of Labor, entry-level fitness trainers in South Dakota are earning an average annual salary of $17,700 in 2013. In that same year, fitness training receiving a median salary amount earned $24,600 annually, while more experienced professional earned closer to $37,000 annually. Of course, this doesn’t include independent freelance trainers or studio owners who are know to earn much, much more than this.

Of course, not all fitness trainers work in full-time positions. In fact, one out of ten fitness trainers are self-employed, while many others work on a part-time basis. These part-time employees are usually compensated with hourly wages. In 2013, fitness trainers in South Dakota earned the following hourly wages:

  • Entry-Level: $8.50/hr.
  • Mid-Career: $11.83/hr.
  • Experienced: $17.77/hr.

Here are several ways you can bolster your salary as a personal trainer in South Dakota:

  • Joining a local professional association such as the South Dakota Society of Health and Physical Educators
  • Earning a postsecondary degree in kinesiology, physical education or exercise science
  • Becoming a certified personal trainer through an established certifying organization
  • Gaining field experience through employment, volunteer positions, and internships
  • Establishing strong relationships with current clientele while actively pursuing potential future clients

Regional Pay Averages for Personal Trainers in South Dakota

As a personal trainer, you may experience regional pay differences based on your location in South Dakota. In 2013, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics released the following salary and wage data for fitness trainers employed in metropolitan areas of Rapid City and Sioux Falls, as well as the nonmetropolitan eastern and western regions of the state:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Rapid City SD
Sioux Falls SD
Eastern South Dakota nonmetropolitan area
Western South Dakota nonmetropolitan area