Personal Trainer Salaries in Wyoming

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Over three million outdoor adventurers from all over the world flock to Yellowstone National Park each year to take advantage of the park’s easy access to kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, and hiking opportunities. Yet the park is not just a tourist attraction, it helps sustain a strong fitness culture in Wyoming. As this active community grows, more high-salaried job offers await personal trainers here.

In fact, the United States Department of Labor expects the personal fitness industry in Wyoming to experience a job growth rate of 18% through 2022, which is 5% higher than the national average. Even more impressively, in 2013, the northeastern region of Wyoming held the fourth highest concentration of fitness trainer jobs among all other nonmetropolitan areas in the country.

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By becoming a personal trainer in Wyoming, you will not just cater to the fitness crowd; you will also appeal to the inactive population here looking to turn their lives around. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 51% of adults in Wyoming participate in at least 300 minutes of moderately strenuous aerobic activity a week.

By motivating a greater percentage of adults to adapt healthier, more active lifestyles, you can help pave the way to a better future for residents in Wyoming while reaping the benefits of a good income. Whether you work as an independent contractor, part-time or full-time employee, much of your financial success will hinge on your ability to maintain a large and devoted pool of clientele.

Personal Trainer Salary Averages in Wyoming

As an up-and-coming personal trainer in Wyoming, it is important to remember that local employers and clients are more willing to shell out fatter paychecks to personal trainers that are trained, educated, and certified. Therefore, both current and future personal trainers should consider completing the following steps:

  • Complete a field-related degree program from an accredited college or university. Many personal trainers hold degrees in majors like exercise science, physical education, and kinesiology
  • Become a certified personal trainer through a recognized certifying organization
  • Gain extensive training and experience through field-related jobs, volunteer positions, and internships

In 2013, the United States Department of Labor found that fitness trainer salaries and wages in Wyoming were largely contingent upon level of experience. For instance, that year, highly experienced personal trainers in Wyoming earned over $30,000 more annually and over $15 more hourly than those in entry-level positions:

  • Entry-Level: $16,700/yr. or $8.04/hr.
  • Mid-Career: $25,200/yr. or $12.12/hr.
  • Experienced: $49,000/yr. or $23.58/hr.

Personal Trainer Salaries by Location in Wyoming

Communities within Wyoming often have varying degrees of demand for personal trainers. As a result, where you work in the state may heavily influence how much you can expect to earn as a personal trainer.

For example, in 2013, the United States Department of Labor reported that fitness trainers employed in the nonmetropolitan area of Northwest Wyoming earned the highest salaries in the field statewide:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Casper WY
Cheyenne WY
Estimate not released
Northwestern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area
Southwestern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area
Northeastern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area