Demi Lovato Takes to Instagram to Thank Personal Trainer

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Demi Lovato is best known for her roles on the Disney Channel and her album Don’t Forget, but the actress and songwriter is also known for her eating disorder.

Lovato said her struggles with food and body image began at a very young age. Though she can’t pinpoint the exact moment she said she remembers touching her stomach, still round from toddler-hood, and wondering if it would ever be flat.

The young actress was treated in rehab in 2010 “for emotional and physical issues” in addition to bulimia. She admitted that she almost had a relapse last summer when she was on for her album, explaining the difficulty in eating right and getting proper rest when on tour.

Lovato is now the picture of health and happiness and she said she owes it all to her physical trainer. In fact, she went as far as to acknowledge the trainer and his spouse for all they have done to help get her back to health and continue to recover from her eating disorder.

Trainer Ronny Comacho was recognized in a collage of pictures, which included a picture of him and Lovato as well as records of her workouts. She said that Comacho and his wife have spent eight months helping her navigate through her eating disorder by providing meals that they cooked and motivating her to stay true to her diet. She also said that she was finally able to face “my hardest critic: myself,” thanks to her trainer’s help.

Comacho owns a chain of training studios in California dedicated to not just changing a person’s body, but changing their mind by including life coaches along with personal trainers to work together to transform a person’s life.

Lovato now says she is in the best shape of her life and credits Comacho for her transformation.