Are you Ready for the Horizontal Shredder?!

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Personal trainer Troy Huggett has found another way to help people shed fat and get in shape. The “Horizontal Shredder” consists of a five foot tall wooden wall with concrete foot and hand holds embedded in.

The Horizontal Shredder wall is similar to rock climbing walls but instead of an upward climb, the participant will move from side to side. One of the benefits of the side-to-side concept is that people who are typically afraid of heights are able to participate. It doesn’t require harnesses and ropes that are necessary for vertical climbs.

Clients must move hand-over-hand and foot-over-foot from one end of the wall to the other and return as many times as they can. Seven times of traversing the wall would be what Huggett considers an “ideal workout.”

Huggett has been working in the physical fitness field since 1985 as a senior at Battle Creek Central High School. He is the author of three fitness books and has worked with the Chinese Olympic team. He has been running Fitness Pros since 1997 and his new workout is gaining popularity.

Albion College sophomore Madison Vaive has used Huggett’s personal training services since high school, and though she didn’t know what to think of the wall at first, she saw the benefits after trying it one time.

Huggett says the idea for the wall came to him after visiting Planet Rock, a climbing center. He thought it would make a good addition to Fitness Pros. “I mean, when have you ever seen an unfit rock climber?” he asks.

The wall is currently the only horizontal climbing wall in the Battle Creek area and over 50 people have already tried it out in its first month of use.

Huggett says he likes to keep workouts fresh and the Horizontal Shredder is the newest way to stay fit at Fitness Pros.