Miss Florida Gives Personal Testimonial on the Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

Written by Rebecca Turley

The journey from a sedentary lifestyle to fitness is oftentimes riddled with difficult roadblocks and discouragement. Many do not know what they are doing when they begin this journey or they become lost along the way.

Heidi Jo Medina, a News Journal correspondent out of Florida, and an advocate for personal trainers, began her own fitness journey three years ago while preparing for the Miss Florida USA pageant. “I had no clue what I was doing,” she explains, “I tried all the trendy diets, workouts and supplements. I lost weight and looked okay, but it wasn’t until I asked for help that I made a sustainable and healthy lifestyle change.”

Medina says that finding a trainer can be difficult and expensive. She explains she went through several before she found one that fit with her goals, lifestyle, and budget. One of the biggest tips Medina offered was to ask for evidence of certification upfront and to take time and effort to find the right trainer. Prospective clients should always look at the trainer’s portfolio and client history. When looking at client history, it is important to verify that the trainer has had long-term clients rather than new clients every few months.

Although having clients for a short period of time might suggest that the trainer was effective in helping them achieve their desired results, experts say the opposite is actually true. Maintaining clients for several years or more actually speaks to the effectiveness of the routines they implement, is often a reflection of the client adapting and increasing their goals as they see results, and demonstrates how the trainer has become indispensible to helping the client get there.

Once an individual narrows down their fitness needs and desirable fitness style, does their research, and feels confident with the trainer they have chosen, achieving fitness goals becomes accessible. So accessible, in fact, they it may inspire many to set even higher goals for themselves.