New App Allows People to Book Personal Trainers Online for In-Home Sessions

Written by Rebecca Turley

Many people want to take advantage of the expertise that a personal trainer offers, but are intimidated about the prospect of going to the gym. That’s where the website Find Your Trainer comes in. New York City trainer David Hung co-founded the business that lets clients book personal trainers from its website and host sessions in their own homes. The trainers have all been vetted for their credentials, verification of insurance, and been through thorough background checks, so clients have peace of mind bringing a stranger into their house.

Find Your Trainer offers a number of options for people that are too intimidated or busy to go to the gym. They can choose personal trainers based on their fitness goals or just choose whatever trainers are available at the moment. The trainers will come to wherever their clients want—their office, apartment, the park, or even a gym—and they bring the equipment. An hour long session costs between $49 and $88 an hour, but group sessions are coming soon, which should help lower the price.

After two years in business in New York City, over 300 personal trainers are affiliated with the company, so the owners decided to expand into Philadelphia in September 2015. With only a week of operation in the city, 20 personal trainers took advantage of this opportunity to find new clients, and about 20 more have initiated the process.

Hung has big plans for the future and sees a massive opportunity to get millions of people healthier while in their homes. Find Your Trainer expects to branch out to Chicago and Atlanta in the near future.

This service offers maximum convenience to clients who would probably not go to the gym. Home-based personal training on demand may very well be the future of personal fitness instruction.